T.A.I. Tecnologie

T.A.I. Tecnologie Antincendio ed Idrauliche Srl, markets products for the plumbing sector.
Our company, founded as an integral part of the ‘Bocciolone Antincendio Spa’ group based in Varallo Sesia, which has been operating in the fire-fighting sector since 1898, has gradually specialised in the hydraulic testing and industrial valve assembly sector.

The company T.A.I., in a short period, has been able to establish itself and impose itself on the competition, basing its growth strategy on serious service and product quality. The office is located in Valduggia (Vc) just a few minutes from the exit of the A-26 Gravellona Toce motorway, Ghemme Romagnano-Sesia exit.

TAI Tecnologie Headquarters

The products that T.A.I. now offers have a high quality/price ratio and are carefully selected and tested by company staff before they are marketed.

Our company is certified in ISO 9001:2015 by Bureau Veritas certificate No. IT2427769

Among the products our company deals with, we highlight malleable cast iron fittings mainly from European production. The fittings we market are cast from EE-branded decarbonised malleable cast iron and are used in the coupling of threaded pipes in water, air and GAS installations.

Our fittings are also suitable for steam, heating and irrigation systems. We have recently developed, in cooperation with manufacturers in Poland, a series of fittings for pressurisation pumps.

They can also be used in civil sewage systems and air conditioning/cooling systems.

All of our fittings are manufactured and tested by European standard EN 10242 and other standards specified and referred to therein. They also comply with the International Standard ISO 49 – Construction Symbol ‘A’ – CAST IRON EN GJMW-400-5 with White Heart (cast iron annealed and decarbonised in a minimum 24-hour process).

In addition to fittings, our company also sells galvanised steel barrels, all-thread nipples and socket pieces made from welded pipe steel. These products complement the use of cast iron fittings by often being interposed between one fitting and another. Our steel fittings are available from 3/8″ up to 4″ and in lengths ranging from 60 mm up to 1 metre, and even longer on request. The latter are of national production.

Over the years, T.A.I., in combination with fittings, has also specialised in the testing, selection and marketing of industrial valves, which are well illustrated in our catalogue list: WATER LINE, which can also be consulted on our website together with that of the fittings line.

Regarding valves, joints with compensators and cast iron and steel fittings, we have produced PED data sheets by the European Directive 2014/68/EU as implemented by the Legislative Decree. 15/02/2016 n° 26.

The PED declaration lists the technical, hydraulic and dimensional characteristics of each of our products and defines the quality standards, test pressures and hydraulic tests to which our products are subjected before being sold.

Finally, we would like to remind our customers that our Specialised Craftsmen always guarantee a very punctual and rapid service to meet the most exacting market requirements, as well as technical support to direct them towards the most suitable product and for the most appropriate use of it.

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